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Thomas Curcio

Man vs. Machine: PTC Final Thoughts

When it comes to rail safety, America ranks very low in comparison to other countries. As pointed out by twitter user, @380kmh, “Japan is averaging 6.6 deaths per year with over 18 billion riders…whereas the USA is averaging 10.9 deaths […]

Thomas Curcio

Self Driving Cars and Infrastructure Needs

Autonomous vehicles pride themselves on being able to navigate our busy roads without driver input, however, in order to do that certain smart technology may need to be installed.

Thomas Curcio

Man v. Machine: Legislation of Positive Train Control

Positive Train Control (PTC) is an ever evolving system, one that has seen many reinventions throughout its history. From 1920s where systems to automatically stop a train were first created, to now where PTC looks more like the technology of […]

Thomas Curcio

Autonomous Car Series

Autonomous vehicles have many roadblocks to navigate before becoming a common consumer product, these will be expanded on in further posts.

Thomas Curcio

Just Say No to Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is not a new epidemic. It’s the number one cause of deaths on the road.

Thomas Curcio

Man vs. Machine: The Cost of Positive Train Control

The successful implementation of PTC will be a challenge involving financial issues as well as technology integration.

Thomas Curcio

Man vs. Machine: Series on Positive Train Control

The idea of talking trains may have originated with Thomas and Friends, but if tracks and trains could communicate, how drastically could safety on America’s railroads improve?  It wasn’t until 2008 when the Rail Safety Improvement Act was sanctioned that […]