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You Are Allowed to Check Out Your Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

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I was in court Friday. Unfortunately I was suing two lawyers who had given bad advice to a car accident victim and then had let the statute of limitations run. His claim against the drivers and insurance companies for his personal injuries was forever barred.
Problem is that neither of the two lawyers who represented him carry legal malpractice insurance

Incredible as it may seem, while most states require some minimum level of insurance for drivers, there is no such general requirement for lawyers. Hey, we all make mistakes. You obviously don’t want to have to go into a first meeting with a lawyer on a personal injury case and say “by the way, do you carry malpractice insurance in case you mess my case up?” But, this poor guy that I now represent is really in a hole.

I think these lawyers were the the huge caseload, “settle everything” type of lawyers and when it looked like the car accident case was going to have to go to trial, they panicked and dismissed the case. They had a chance to refile but they ran like the dickens from the case!

I’m sorry, I can’t say it enough. “Check out your personal injury lawyer.” It’s OK!. Ask the right questions.
For Virginia residents, I have written a book that covers this topic.

Check out The Truth About Lawyer Advertising. It will shock you.

You can check to see whether your Virginia personal injury attorney has insurance online.