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The "Magic Bullet" Question to Ask Your Attorney

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I spoke to a very nice lady earlier this week who was searching for an attorney to represent her in her Virginia car accident case. She told me she had spent a lot of time searching on the Internet and then calling attorneys. She had read Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Virginia Car Accident Case.

She told me she basically had just one question:

Her question was this:

My injury is [she described her injury], “what is my case worth?” I told her that “I had no idea” that I needed to learn much more about her case.

She hired me on the spot.

It seems that all of the other attorneys she spoke to had tried to get her to hire them by telling her what they thought her case was worth. (and they were telling her a lot of money)

There is no way that an attorney can value a case (except perhaps for a $500 case) on the phone merely by getting a description of the injury. Anyone who tell you otherwise is either lying or too inexperienced for your case.