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Scare Tactics Used to Sell Insurance Miss the Point

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Here’s an article from a local newspaper. It’s well intentioned in that insurance of all sorts is important but its often confusing for the consumer. The problem here is that the article resorts to the common scare tactics of “multi million dollar lawsuits are increasing.” That’s just “noise.” The articles misses a very important teaching point.

One of the most important insurance policies you can buy is uninsured motorist protection. Most insurance agents don’t (or I think won’t) explain it correctly. Here’s the deal:

In Virginia it’s perfectly legal to drive with no insurance, though most people usually have at least the minumum of $25,000.

Let’s say you get hit by a drunk drive who is (legally) driving without insurance. You end up in the ICU of your local hospital for one week. Your medical bills will exceed $100,000 easy. You will miss work. Who will pay?
You should ask your insurance agent about uninsured motorist coverage. It’s cheap. It will protect you from irresponsible drivers.