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Pedestrian Deaths Up in Fairfax County, Virginia

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In 2006 17 pedestrians were killed and 300 pedestrian crashes in Fairfax County. There were 19 fatalities in 2000 and 2001.

According to the Fairfax County Times newspaper the majority of these crashes are centered on high traffic, high volume roadways with fairly dense populations. According to a 2005 study conducted by the Inova Health Systems a disproportionate number of the pedestrians involved in these accidents are Hispanics, often immigrants and often poor.

Approximately $15 million of a transportation bond slated for Fairfax County for the November ballot will be directed to pedestrian safety. You can read more about the Fairfax County Pedestrian Safety program here.

Note from Virginia Accident Attorney Ben Glass: from my own observation, the majority of these pedestrian deaths in Fairfax County must come from folks not using the cross walks. I’m not entirely sure why this happens but folks, you can’t expect drivers to fully see, anticipate and react when you are crossing dark streets but you aren’t anywhere near a crosswalk (or even the streetlights.)

The Examiner has a good article on what efforts Fairfax County is making on this issue as well.