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No More "Runners" In Washington, D.C.

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No, no, I’m not talking about the heat wave here and how no one is out jogging. I’m talking about the refreshing law change that will permit unscrupulous lawyers and chiropractors from obtaining accident reports and calling and visiting car accident victims shortly after an accident to solicit cases/patients. While technically an amendment to the D.C. Theft and White Collar Crimes Act, I like to call the new law the Protect Washington, D.C. Car Accident Victims From Harrassment by Lawyers and Chiropractors Act.

Here’s the deal. D.C. is, until next week, practically the only place in the United States where a lawyer could pay a “runner” to buy yesteday’s accident reports from the police and then make a person to person visit to solicit the work. Actually it’s even worse. Talking to a potential client yesterday (who lives in Virginia but was injured in a Washington, D.C. car accident. the very next morning after his accident (a minor fender bender) there was a guy on his front doorstep trying to get him to sign up with a lawyer and for physical therapy! Not only did it turn this client off of this lawyer but it sure sent a message to him about all lawyers.

Next week, this will be illegal. You can read the entire text of the new D.C. “Anti-Runner” Legislation here.