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"No Fault" is No Answer

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A new paper published by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies debunks the myth that “no fault” insurance is the answer to a percevied “tort problem.”

Sixteen states have adopted a no fault system whereby your own automobile insurance company pays for your damages. This means that even though you may be a good driver, you are really paying the premium of the “average” driver in your state. This means that in no-fault states good drivers pay higher premiums than they should.

You can read Tort Versus No-Fault Auto Reform Paradigm Is False Choice, NAMIC Policy Paper Claims here.

In the article Kinzler also notes that

replacing the doctrine of contributory negligence, which denies recovery if a person contributed in any way to an accident, with comparative negligence has been one of several modifications of tort law that enabled more people to recover. He also says that the introduction of underinsured motorist coverage, under which one can recover from one’s own insurer if an at-fault driver has insufficient coverage to pay your losses, increased the amount of compensation for injured people.