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New Allstate Book Should Be a Bestseller

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My friend New York personal injury attorney Gary Rosenberg reminded me that there is a great book that has been published for plaintiff’s attorneys.

From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves purports to expose Allstate and its claims handling practices.

Must be a good read, according to Business Week, Allstate tried hard to keep this book from seeing the light of day.

In February, a New Mexico state court rejected Allstate’s efforts to keep Berardinelli from publishing his book, which will be marketed to trial lawyers nationwide later this year. Since 2004, Allstate has been defying an order by the same court to make available public copies of some 12,500 PowerPoint slides McKinsey prepared for the insurer, which form the basis of the book. That’s quite unusual — big companies almost never ignore judicial orders. In a court filing, Allstate has characterized its actions as “respectful civil disobedience.”