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Just Say No to Drunk Driving


A sad story very close to home  involves an issue on the road that is 100% preventable: drunk driving. Around the holidays every year, drunk driving task force operations are created within local police, setting up checkpoints, sitting on well trafficked roads, and attempting to keep our roads safe. In Montgomery County, Maryland a task force was set up to run from November 15 until January 7. In those seven weeks of hyper-focused officers trying to catch drunk drivers before their poor decisions hurt others, over 200 people were arrested for driving under the influence.

Drunk driving is not a new epidemic. It’s the number one cause of deaths on the road. Instead of writing about how dangerous it is, and how preventable it is, below are some blood chilling facts that need to be shared. Take a second, let them percolate in your mind, and then share them with your friends and family. Together, with knowledge and support, we can end drunk driving.

DD Infograph

DD Infograph

Thanks to the CDC and MADD for the helpful statistics.

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