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"I'd Rather the Kids Drink at My House"

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How many times have you heard some idiot parent say “Oh, well, the kids are going to party anyway, I’d rather them do it at my house. It’s safer?” While this particular case, fortunately, did not end up in a drunk driving accident and injury the judge slammed the door shut behind two really irresponsible “parents.”

The Virginia Court of Appeals upheld a 27-month jail sentence (yes, 27 months! In a row! After the judge suspended part of the sentence) for a couple who hosted a huge underage drinking party in Albemarle County.
George and Elisa Robinson were convicted of 9 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for hosting a party with 60 underage, but drinking, guests. The party took place one month after another local teenager had died in a drunk driving crash.