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Graduation Night Accident and Deaths

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For over twenty years in Fairfax County there had not been an alcohol related death of a graduating senior, due largely to the tremendously popular (and well-planned) “All-Night Graduation Parties” hosted/planned by most if not all Fairfax County High Schools.

Our area grieves for the families of four young ladies who died last week in a car crash on the Beltway. Two of the four had just graduated from West Potomac High School.

The news reports have said that there was alcohol found in the car. No report yet whether the driver was intoxicated or not. This accident happened after graduation and before the All Night Grad Party (though its also not clear whether the girls were headed to that party or not.

For those interested, there are many posts at this site. Most of it appears to be rumor and imagined “facts,” however.

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