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Fairfax, Virginia Drunk Driver Gets Three Years in Prison

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Fairfax Circuit Court judge Jane Marum Roush sentenced a 22 year old Fairfax County resident to 3 years in jail for an accident that killed one passenger and sentenced another to lifelong severe brain injury.

Christopher Plaisier had 7 years of a total 10 year sentence suspended.

This case is tragic and important on many levels.

1. This is an are in Fairfax County where young people are known to drive fast to "catch air." I’ve lost count of the killed and injured on this road.

2. If a lawsuit has not already been filed in matter there probably will be one (unless the passengers knew Plaiser was intoxicated and urged him on, then they are out of luck in Virginia) and Plaisier will be liable for compensatory and punitive damages.

3. Hopefully the passengers had high levels of underinsured motorist insurance coverage. Folks like Plaisier typically don’t carry hiigh limits themselves and its PERFECTLY LEGAL to drive without insurance in Virginia.

You should be asking your car insurance company to sell you coverage to one million dollars. Its actually not that expensive and in any event is a low cost to pay for terrific self protection.

Our hearts go out to the family of Morgan Cooke, who was killed and to Daniel Fath, who remains in a convelsecent center in for this accident that took place almost a year ago.