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Consumer Warning: Virginia State Bar says "No" to mandatory malpractice insurance

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The organization that regulates lawyers in Virginia has voted down a consumer protection proposal that would have required all Virginia lawyers who deal with the public to carry malpractice insurance.

Yes — Surprise, surprise, there are some lawyers who handle cases worth hundreds of thousands of dollars who do not carry malpractice insurance. Who are they?

Hard to tell and now the bar isn’t going to require it!

So its up to you, the consumer to become educated about how you choose an attorney. Its up to you to check out a lawyer you are thinking of hiring.

I’ve written about this in my book, the Truth About Lawyer Advertising, available at Amazon.com or here.

If you are injured you may have been victimized once. Don’t be victimized again by hiring a lawyer who doesn’t care enough to insure himself against malpractice claims.