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Chesapeake, Virginia Woman Settles her Automobile Accident Case for $300,000

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In this case the plaintiff was hit head on by a tow truck that had crossed the double center lines. An independent witness testified that the defendant was talking on a cell phone and that she saw the driver lean over for something prior to impact. The defendant claimed that a “phantom vehicle” cut him off.

The plaintiff was hospitalized at Norfolk General Hospital for two weeks and underwent several surgeries. She had a right femur fracture requiring a rod insertion, a patella fracture and a metacarpal fracture. She had several other injuries. The defendant paid his insurance policy limits of $300,000.00.

Comment from Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Ben Glass

The plaintiff would have been well served by having purchased for herself under insured motorist’s coverage in an adequate amount. This coverage is inexpensive, but the insurance companies do not want you to know about it or to purchase adequate amounts of it. I have written about this in a book, The Ultimate Guide to Buying Car Insurance in Virginia.