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Allstate Lawyer Wins $11 Million–From Allstate

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Now here’s an interesting story. It seems that one of Allstate’s car accident personal injury defense attorneys sued Allstate, claiming that the company had “ruined her practice.” According to the Insurance Journal Website Allstate Insurance Co. routinely hired Suzanne Guest to represent the company in accident claims.

But when two accident victims sued Allstate and Guest, the company went back on a promise to defend her, said Guest’s attorney, Thomas Simons.

Hmmm… some say that insurance companies look after their own interests first. I’ll bet that was an issue. The New Mexico jury awarded a whopping $9 million in punitive damages–on top of $1.8 million in compensatory damages.

Allstate has, surprise, surpise, denied that it was liable and intends to appeal the verdict.