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Alleged Drunk Driver Injures Virginia State Trooper

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A Virginia State Police Trooper had to be placed in intensive care for the severe personal injuries he received after he was hit by a man who had been driving under the influence of alcohol on Interstate 81. The accident took place shortly after 11 p.m on Saturday, February 2 in Smyth County.

After he finished a routine traffic stop, Trooper K.S. Chapman was sitting stationary in his patrol vehicle when his car was suddenly struck by a pick up truck.

Chapman had to receive transport by air to Bristol Medical Center in severe condition from the injuries he received.
Barry Dean Marshall, the 32-year-old man who was driving the truck that struck Chapman’s vehicle has been charged with a DUI.

Additional charges against Marshall are still pending.

Comment from Virginia personal injury attorney Ben Glass: in addition to any criminal penalties that may be imposed, drunk drivers in Virginia may be subject to punitive damages. Generally punitive damages are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.